🛗Elevator Pitch

We are tired of companies getting paid hundreds of billions by advertisers for monetizing content we created, and giving precious nothing back to us aside from a few likes and dopamine boosts. The paradigm needs to change.

At INTΞGRITY, we’re building the first community-owned publishing platform designed to redistribute the equivalent of 100% of our ad revenue back to our contributors. #CreatorEconomy3.0

Similar to Medium or Reddit, creators can post news, articles and updates on the INTΞGRITY network, and others can like, comment and share. The difference lies in who gets paid. All revenue generated through non-intrusive ads is redistributed to the content creators and supporters who engage, repost and share.

Using a web3 protocol and tokenomics, INTΞGRITY rewards contributors half in stablecoins, and half in INTΞGRITY tokens.

In order to avoid traditional banners and respect peoples’ privacy, INTΞGRITY uses modern ad placements that are targeted at content, not users. For example, a Nike ad paired with an article about shoes.

A forthcoming drop of 10,000 Creators Club NFTs will allow us to attract content creators and supporters, build awareness and expand the INTΞGRITY community. Each of these unique art pieces grants its owners exclusive access to the publishing platform to post and get paid + other perks and benefits.

If you want to get involved, now’s the time. We need forward-looking creators, influencers and managers to help us build community and share the word about INTΞGRITY and the fast-approaching NFT drop.

Have questions? We have answers, and we’d love to chat. contact@int3grity.com www.int3grity.com

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