The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a key entity of the INTΞGRITY Network. It holds treasury and mining reserves of tokens, incorporates governance and makes important decisions.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together

Treasury management

The remaining 50% of the fees paid by partners go to the treasury reserve.

50% to yield farming

Part of the treasury reserve will be invested in yielding protocols. Once INTΞGRITY tokens are fully liquid on DEX/CEX, the DAO may engage in buy-back programs, but will also offer stacking to ITGY holders.

35% to expenses

Expenses include team and key contributors rewards, operating expenses and security audits.

10% to Grants

Specific grants will be awarded to developers by committees.

5% to the Foundation

Read more about the Foundation in the next chapter.


Once fully decentralized, the network will follow the principles of Liquid Democracy [1]. INTΞGRITY token holders will:

  • Be invited to vote on governance decisions like changes in the redistribution algorithm.

  • Receive additional yield through staking.


In a spirit of total transparency, we will provide quarterly reports that include our balance sheet, income statement, key revenue drivers, operating expenses, and priorities for the protocol.


[1]: Liquid democracy is a form of delegative democracy whereby an electorate engages in collective decision-making through direct participation and dynamic representation. This democratic system utilizes elements of both direct and representative democracy. Voters in a liquid democracy have the right to vote directly on all policy issues à la direct democracy, however, voters also have the option to delegate their votes to someone who will vote on their behalf à la representative democracy. Any individual may be delegated votes (those delegated votes are termed "proxies") and these proxies may in turn delegate their vote as well as any votes they have been delegated by others resulting in "metadelegation".

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