Capital Flow

To sponsor a community, a partner pays a fee.

50% of this fee is kept in BUSD and the equivalent of 50% is minted to create INTΞGRITY tokens.

This 50% in BUSD + 50% in INTΞGRITY tokens consitute the redistribution pool. For more on this, refer to the Formulas section below.

What do contributors do with their earnings?

BUSDs can be exchanged for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies.

During Phase 1, INTΞGRITY tokens can’t be exchanged. They will appreciate in value however, and have utility powers.

During Phase 2 (once listed on DEX/CEX) contributors can exchange their INTΞGRITY tokens and BUSDs for fiat money and other cryptos. They can also keep INTΞGRITY tokens to increase status and unlock additional utility powers.

INTΞGRITY tokens follow a bonding curve, meaning that they increase in value with time.

> See the Token Distribution section for more details.

To create a sustainable ecosystem, earnings are locked for a period of two weeks after having been redistributed. The protocol stakes earnings during this period, and the yields go into the DAO treasury fund.


Calculations are performed once per day at 11:59 pm PCT.

  • The partner's fee is the total amount paid by the partner.

  • A creator is someone who creates an original post.

  • A supporter is someone who likes, comments or shares.

The algorithm splits the redistribution pool according to the number of new views on each post (since the last calculation).

## Example for a total redistribution pool of $750:

### Assumptions:
Number of new views for post #1 = 50,000
Number of new views for post #2 = 45,000
Number of new views for post #3 = 40,000
Total number of new views = 135,000

### Proratization:
=> Post #1 will receive 37% of the redistribution pool, i.e. $278
=> Post #2 will receive 33% of the redistribution pool, i.e. $250
=> Post #3 will receive 30% of the redistribution pool i.e. $222

Creators earn the largest percentage, but supporters can earn up to 25% of the pool, based on the number of views they have generated.

## Example for post #1:
Redistribution = $278
Total number of views = 50,000
=> $0.00556 per view.
=> Supporters earn 25% of price per view, i.e. $0.00139

### Example if supporter A braught 25,000 views
and supporter B braught 5,000 views:
=> Supporter A earns $34.75
=> Supporter B earns $6.95

The remaining redistribution amount goes to the content creator:
=> $278-$34.75-$6.95 = $236.30

Allocations are split evenly between BUSD and INTΞGRITY tokens, and transferred to the owners' wallets.

In our example for post #1:

Content creator receives 118.15 BUSD + 118.15 INTΞGRITY tokens
Supporter A receives 17.375 BUSD + 17.375 INTΞGRITY tokens
Supporter B receives 3.475 BUSD + 3.475 INTΞGRITY tokens

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