Token Distribution, Minting & Crowdsale

Name: INTΞGRITY tokens

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Ticker: ITGY

Type: BEP20, ERC20 and BEP2


1,000,000 INTΞGRITY tokens will airdrop prior to crowd sales.


Supply: 249,000,000 ITGYs (24.9% of total supply)

RoundDate (2022)PriceQtyCliffThen Vesting Period





2 months

12 months 8.33%/m





1 month

10 months 10%/m






6 months 16.66%/m

Post crowdsale, the price of the token will start at $0.50.

Team & advisors

Supply: 100,000,000 INTΞGRITY tokens (10% of total supply)

Cliff: 12 months

Vesting period after the cliff: 24 months (4.17% per month)


When a partner sponsors a community, payment is delivered half in BUSD stablecoins, and half in newly-minted INTΞGRITY tokens.

BUSDs have immediate value, and can be converted into fiat money or exchanged for other crypto. Until INTΞGRITY tokens are listed on DEX/CEX, their value is virtual. To ensure our early contributors are adequately rewarded, a bonding curve has been included in the minting process.

What is Minting?

Minting is the process of creating a new token and registering it on the blockchain. In our protocol, new tokens are minted each time a partner starts a new community sponsorship.

What is a bonding curve?

A bonding curve is an equation that defines the relationship between price and token supply. Simply put, the price of a newly-minted token is larger than the previous one. In this manner, each time new tokens are minted, previous token holders become wealthier.

We are using a linear bonding curve:

P = (1/800,000,000). Q
where P is price and Q is token number.

A represents the total value, starting from token Q1 priced at P1 to token Q2 priced at P2.

A is calculated with this equation:

Q1Q21800000000xdx\int_{Q1}^{Q2}\frac{1}{800000000}x \,dx

Q1, P1 and A being known, it's easy to calculate Q2, then P2, i.e the total number of tokens minted, and the price of the last minted token.


Partner #1 pays a fee of $50,000 U.S. dollars to sponsor a community. This fee is transformed into: 25,000 BUSD + the equivalent of $25,000 U.S. dollars in INTΞGRITY tokens. Post ICO, 400,000,000 tokens will have already been minted. The 400,000,001st token will cost $0.50.

Q1 = 400,000,000 P1 = $0.50 A = $25,000

By resolving these equations, we find:

Q2 = 400,050,000 and P2 = $0.500062499

🏆 The system will have minted 50,000 new tokens, and the price of the last token will be $0.500062499 • 1 INTΞGRITY token from the initial ICO at $0.06 worths now 8.33 times more.

Now let's take partner #4656, who arrives after 750,000,000 tokens have already been minted. He pays the same initial fee of $50,000 (25,000 BUSD + the equivalent of $25,000 USD in INTΞGRITY tokens). How many tokens will be minted? And what will be the price of the last one?

Q1 = 750,000,000 P1 = $0.9375

By resolving these equations, we find:

Q2 = 750,026,668 and P2 = $0.937533335

🏆 For this transaction, the system would have minted 26,667 new tokens, and the price of the last token will be $0.937533335. • 1 INTΞGRITY token from the initial ICO at $0.06 worths now 15.62 times more. • 1 INTΞGRITY token received by a contributor from the sponsorship initiated by Partner #1 at $0.50 is now worth 1.87 times more.

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