👑Creators Club NFTs

Creators Club is an NFT project from the INTΞGRITY Network with the ambition of building a community of writers and supporters around several topics ranging from NFTs & Art to Science, Productivity, and Gaming to name only a few.

Each NFT provides exclusive access to the INTΞGRITY publishing platform designed to redistribute the equivalent of 100% of its ad revenue to contributors/NFT owners.

In addition to being an access token to INTΞGRITY, our NFT project also contains a collectibility aspect and grants its owners perks and benefits.

The Creators Club is a collection of 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens. They are of a profile picture type (PFP) with associated utility. They are organized into 5 categories, each with its own perks and benefits. Each unicorn is the result of an assembly of several layers.

In the next pages, we will break down the rarity of each category and its importance.

You can also check the dedicated website here: www.int3grity.com/nft

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