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Rare (1,000)

Total supply: 1,000
Rare unicorn example


  • early access to the INTΞGRITY publishing platform (α and β),
  • early access to the tokens crowdsale,
  • dedicated Discord channel
  • the ability to post on INTΞGRITY and get paid
  • voting rights in the INTΞGRITY DAO,
  • 125 FREE INTΞGRITY tokens.

Characteristics and rarity traits:

Rare unicorns all have an exotic body fur, a glowing horn and a multicolor mane.
glowing rainbow, glowing pastel rainbow, glowing blue white red, glowing yellow pink purple.
zebra, leopard, white leopard, tiger, white tiger, rainbow, stars
blue, green, brown, gold, black, dark blue.
Facial expression:
neutral, smiling, amazed, bored.
Blond + light brown, light + dark brown, blue + pink, orange + red, blue + green, white + dark brown, light + dark gray, rainbow, blue white red, yellow pink purple, red + pink, white + dark gray, white + light gray.
silver aviators, rainbow wayfarers, black wayfarers, blue wayfarers, silver round reading glasses, gold reading glasses.
Tobacco Brown Aviator Jacket, Mulled Wine Aviator Jacket, Quincy Aviator Jacket, Storm Dust Aviator Jacket, Tobacco Brown Aviator Jacket With Grey Polo, Trendy Pink Aviator Jacket With Grey Polo, Spice Aviator Jacket With Grey Polo, Claret Hawaiian Shirt With Palm Trees, Mariner Hawaiian Shirt With Palm Trees, Goblin Hawaiian Shirt With Palm Trees, Cobalt Hawaiian Shirt With Flowers, Monarch Hawaiian Shirt With Flowers, Tuatara Hawaiian Shirt With Pineapples, Masala Hawaiian Shirt With Pineapples, Envy Hawaiian Shirt With Pineapples and Flowers, Amethyst Smoke Hawaiian Shirt With Pineapples and Flowers, Copper Hawaiian Shirt With Large Flowers, Maroon Flush Hawaiian Shirt With Large Flowers, Black Hoodie With White Inserts, Chicago Hoodie With Cream Inserts, Chicago Hoodie With Periwinkle Inserts, Chicago Hoodie With Grey Polo and Orange Inserts, Chicago Hoodie With Grey Polo and Celery Inserts, East Bay Hoodie With Logo, Stiletto Hoodie With Logo, Malachite Hoodie With Logo, Piper Hoodie With Logo, Shakespeare Hoodie With Logo, Cabaret Hoodie With Logo, Emerald Hoodie With Logo, Chicago Jacket Over Nepal Pullover, Chicago Jacket Over Lavender Purple Pullover, Flint Military Jacket, Flirt Military Jacket, Black Bathrobe, Pale Sky Polo With Stripes, Makara Polo With Stripes, Stromboli Polo With Stripes, Chambray Polo With Stripes, Dingley Polo With Stripes, William Polo With Stripes, Black Turtleneck Pullover, Stack Pullover, Avocado Pullover, Rum Pullover, Bermuda Gray Pullover, Copper Rose Pullover, Olive Green Pullover, White Shirt, Cello Shirt, Black Shirt, Gondola Shirt, Ironstone Snow Jacket, Butterfly Bush Snow Jacket, Faded Jade Snow Jacket, Dove Gray Snow Jacket, Van Cleef Snow Jacket, San Marino Snow Jacket, Lima Snow Jacket, Stiletto Snow Jacket, Tradewind Snow Jacket, Woodsmoke Classy Jacket With Grey Polo, River Bed Suit Jacket With White Shirt, Peat Suit Jacket With White Shirt, Nevada Suit Jacket With White Shirt, Rhino T-shirt, Ming T-shirt, Viridian T-shirt, Buccaneer T-shirt, Tobacco Brown T-shirt, Lochinvar T-shirt, Vivid Violet T-shirt, Kumera T-shirt, San Marino Long Sleeve T-shirt, Kumera Long Sleeve T-shirt, Tradewind Long Sleeve T-shirt, Stiletto Long Sleeve T-shirt, Fuscous Gray Kimono, White and Roof Terracotta Kimono, White and Malachite Kimono, White and Copper Kimono, Cannon Pink and Pine Glade Bathrobe, Smalt and Hopbush Bathrobe, Gull Gray Bathrobe, Gulf Stream Bathrobe.