Contribute and get paid

We’re building the first community-owned publishing platform designed to redistribute the equivalent of 100% of our ad revenue back to our contributors (content creators and supporters).


Similar to Medium or Reddit, creators can post news, articles and updates on the INTΞGRITY network, and others can like, comment and share. The difference lies in who gets paid.

All revenue generated through non-immersive ads is redistributed to the content creators and supporters who engage, repost and share.

Using a web3 protocol and tokenomics, INTΞGRITY rewards contributors half in stablecoins, and half in INTΞGRITY tokens.

In order to avoid traditional banners and respect peoples’ privacy, INTΞGRITY uses modern ad placements that are targeted at content, not users. For example, a Nike ad paired with an article about shoes.

A forthcoming drop of 10,000 Creators Club NFTs will allow us to attract content creators and supporters, build awareness and expand the INTΞGRITY community. Each of these unique art pieces grants its owners exclusive access to the publishing platform to post and get paid + other perks and benefits.

Our Manifesto

We believe in the ethos of web3.

If you create something, you should own it. Simple as that. Your time is valuable, and so are you. Positive change is possible. Your passion, curiosity and sense of adventure are important, and they deserve a better stage.

INTΞGRITY is the first publishing platform dedicated to creators.

This isn’t about one of us, but all of us. 100% of ad revenue is directed to our creators. 100% means everything. Full commitment. At INTΞGRITY, we’re committed to you.

A contribute-to-earn model

The INTΞGRITY Network is based on a peer-to-contract protocol, meaning partners who want to sponsor a topic pay a fee. A smart contract then redistributes money to creators and supporters via crypto wallets. This happens automatically and is recorded on the Binance BNB Chain.

All content is stored on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Visitors and contributors act as nodes, hosting portions of the content without ever needing to install anything on their device.

Many web3 projects (even countries with the e-Estonia movement) have demonstrated that running digital societies online using the blockchain is possible.

The INTΞGRITY network will be controlled by a DAO that will handle governance, make decisions and hold treasury and mining reserves. When fully decentralized, the network will follow the principles of liquid democracy.

Enabled by smart contract technologies, this governance is currently being built. Users will be able to vote on features and proposals as they arise.

Our Values

Integrity & Transparency Users must know how their data is used, stored, and transmitted.

Community Decentralization is a means to empower and reward individuals.

Contribution Users are rewarded for the value of their contributions through community consensus.

Privacy Control of identity and personal data belongs to the user alone.

Freedom Users are sovereign over their data and their coins and tokens.

Ecosystem Definitions


A contributor is someone who participates in the network by creating or commenting on original content (content creator). Sharing this content is also counted as contribution, and rewarded as well (supporter).


A consumer (also referred to as a viewer) is someone who accesses and consumes content produced by contributors.

Both contributors and consumers are nodes on the INTΞGRITY Decentralized Network (IDN).


Content is a post or a comment created by a contributor, typically composed of text, images and/or video.


A community contains content evolving around a specific topic. Examples include food, finance, art, travel, crypto, tech and sports.


A partner is a brand, company or individual who pays a fee to to sponsor a community, thereby reaching a niche audience.

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